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Amir Aldaraji – American/Iraqi Sensation

Amir Aldaraji’s journey towards professional football is one we’ve looked back at with fondness and admiration. So we thought we would share his little story with the rest of the footballing world.

Aldaraji’s parents were forced to flee to the United States in 1994, where he was born in 2001 in Virginia. But he was raised in Nashville Tennessee, growing accustomed cause there were a lot of Arabic speakers around him.

Aldaraji started at a very young age when some coaches found out that he’s a prodigy. He started at Barcelona Academy in San Diego at a very early age. Then his parents moved back to Tennesse. 

When he turned 14, he started to receive invitations from various MLS Academies clubs for trials at clubs such as Dallas, LA Galaxy, and Chicago Fire. He said It was difficult to accept these offers due to school at the time.

He attended the camp and played two games for them, which was a really good experience for the youngster. Amir had a difficult time at a young age facing his mom’s death but he moved on trying to get back to work to do what he loves.

He moved to Chicago with his uncle to play for the academy, which coaches suggested after they saw him playing for Tennessee Sc U16. They told him its a good and fresh start with a bright future ahead.

Iraq National Team

Amir Aldaraji always used to think about representing his home country Iraq and one day after some great performances, he got called up to Iraq National team U-16 to represent Iraq in the AFC Championship. 

Aldaraji also got called up to the U-20 National Team, which he accepted and he hasn’t looked back since. The young man rejected the chance to play for the USA early in his career and It looks like that’s set to continue.

He always felt that it was an honor to represent Iraq and that he wanted to make his parents and his people very proud.

He was about to go to Europe for a trial but because of the pandemic situation, it didn’t work out how it was supposed to.

But after this situation is over, he’ll attend many trials and will most certainly accept an offer that will prove to be the foundation on which his journey will be built.


His Coach Gary Madison stated that he has a strong family background of working hard and that shows every day in training. 

“He’s a smart and hard-working person. He is very skillful and got a magical passing ability. The youngster plays either left-wing or as an attacking midfielder. Aldaraji always looks up to help and assist his teammates to score. Amir is a fast player I hope he’ll make it big one day.”

Gary Madison (coach)

His dad has been a huge influence and has supported him endlessly during this time. He got many offers right now from the Middle East and a host of European clubs.  

“I wish for the return of security, peace, and safety to my beloved nation and despite all that we’ve gone through, I have high hopes for Iraqi football.”

Amir Aldaraji

Written By: Lory Morgan