corner kick routines

Corner Kick Routines

It is the best feeling in the world when you score the most perfect goal that you can rewind and watch millions of times. However, set-pieces are also an incredibly aspect in the modern game and something we should closely administer. One of those set-pieces are corner kicks.

Ryan Giggs taking the corner kick for Manchester United

For those who don’t know, corner-kick is a way of restarting the game when the ball clears the goal line due to the opposition player. It is taken from the corner of the pitch where the ball went over the line. A quarter-circle is designed for the team where they can place the ball and take the corner.

Xavi about to take the corner for FC Barcelona

However, there are more things attached to it than just the taking of it. We analyze the 4 drills from where we can coach a player to attack and score from a corner kick.

Short Pass

Short Pass Drill

A short pass drill is designed to make sure that you catch the defense off-guard. The numerical advantage also comes into play in these situations.

  1. No.11 triggers the corner by raising his arm,
  2. No.3 comes to receive the ball to grab opposition’s attention
  3. 11 passes the ball to 3 and makes an off-the-ball movement into the advanced area (D).
  4. 3 passes the ball to 11 after a few seconds to avoid the offside flag (C).
  5. 11 has a decision to make.
    A. Cross the ball into the shaded area, which depends on the movement of 7,8,9
    B. Dribble to shoot or lay-off for the incoming player (6)

A Late Run

Late Run Drill

All depends upon the movement of the wing-back (3) in this where his late movement allows options to attack the far post.

  1. 11 puts both arms up in the air and is ready to take the corner
  2. Late movement of 3 to the penalty area allows 11 to pass short to him.
  3. It’s all upon the decision-making skills of 3. He can give a low-cross to 10, can give a long ball for 9 and 7 to attack, especially if the sun is in the goalkeeper’s eyes.
  4. No.6 and No.2 will look for the second balls if the ball gets cleared.

Isolated Shot

Isolated Shot Drill
  1. 11 set to take the corner by placing both hands on his hips, indicating to 2 about the situation
  2. The service to 2 and the timing of the run of 2 is the one that decides this drill. If all goes to plan, it is all about the execution of 2 to make it a success.
  3. Before the ball gets played to 2, the numbers attacking the box should make diagonal runs in every direction to confuse the defenders and the goalkeepers and allow 2 to have clear sight for the goal.

Reminds us about the Ginger man from Manchester United.

Paul Scholes definitely know how to score from these situations

Standard Corner

Standard drill

This is how most of the corner kicks take place in the modern game.

  1. 11 gives time for his center-backs to join the strikers in the box. He is about to take the corner kick.
  2. He can also give the opposition defenders the fake by showing them the short corner.
  3. The yellow-highlighted areas are important where the responsibility lies on 3,7 and 2 to fetch the second balls.
  4. Even in case of a counter, the responsibility lies on 6 and 5 to stop them by making a timely tackle.


In the game of football, each and every detail is extremely important.

Jose Mourinho on RT, May 2019

The corner kick or any set-piece is also an incredible part of the modern game these days and can prove to be the difference in many big encounters, as we have seen in the 1999 Champions League final, when 2 corners from David Beckham against Bayern Munich were fundamental in ensuring a 2nd Champions League and the treble for Manchester United.