bundesliga resumes

Bundesliga Resumes May 16th

Coronavirus has stopped and left major football leagues from around Europe on hiatus but we now have clarity for the Bundesliga as the league prepares to restart.

The COVID-19 situation is improving drastically in Germany and that is being reflected in their policies. Major shops and business are set to reopen and football itself will begin soon as well.

Although for now, It’ll be held behind closed doors but we have confirmation that the league is set to begin on 16th May 2020 and we’ll finally have some football on our hands after a LONG Hiatus.

The clubs are still currently observing self isolation protocols and instructions given by their clubs. Many have also gone through extensive tests for their health.

The Bundesliga will resume with Matchday 26 on the weekend of May 15:

  • Düsseldorf vs Paderborn
  • Dortmund vs Schalke
  • Leipzig vs Freiburg
  • Hoffenheim vs Hertha
  • Köln vs Mainz
  • Union vs Bayern
  • Eintracht vs Gladbach
  • Augsburg vs Wolfsburg
  • Bremen vs Leverkusen

The news was reported by Christian Falk in a tweet on twitter


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