european premier league all you need to know

European Premier League – All you Need to Know

After the talk of a Liverpool and Manchester United led reformation of the football pyramid in England failed, many predicted that there will definitely be a reaction from that decision and It looks like It has dropped already.

According to Sky News, the ‘Big 6’ of the English Premier League is in talks to join a multi-billion project which would be known as the European Premier League. There were rumors of there being threats of a breakaway of the big clubs from the Premier League should their proposals were not met with an acceptable reply.

Looks like that threat was real and this isn’t only for the Premier League. Clubs from all over Europe including Germany, Spain, Italy, and France are all in negotiations for this potential league, and here’s everything you need to know about this developing story below:

  • Financers like the Wall-Street bank JP Morgan are in talks to provide a debt package of $6bn (£4.6bn) for the new European Premier League.
  • ‘Big 6’ from the Premier League are expected to join.
  • Clubs from other leagues are also in talks
  • The start date could be 2022
  • 18 team league
  • Possibly to go along with UCL in the initial phase
  • Playoffs to determine teams that can participate
  • Founding members unlikely to be removed
  • Clubs will not leave their domestic leagues
  • Could possibly replace midweek fixtures
  • Participants to withdraw from cup competitions

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