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“It’s Not Safe to Play” – Club Doctors tell Premier League

The start of the Premier league seems like light years away with newer stumbling blocks occurring almost everyday. Concerns have been raised on multiple issues surrounding the plans for a restart such as venues, relegation and timings.

Now club doctors from the Premier league have banded together and handed a 100 point letter to the league’s medical advisor Mark Gillett sighting lack of answers for the problems, according to David Ornstein of the Athletic

The following were some of the concerns outlined in the letter presented to the league

  • Suspicions of clubs ignoring guidelines
  • Liability, Insurance and testing of players, staff and families
  • Transmission of COVID-19 via sweat and goalkeeper gloves
  • Increased risk for ethnic minority groups
  • Approval of guidelines that are still not risk free

The medics sent these points towards PLDG (Premier League Doctor’s Group) anonymously and will be reviewed by the league’s personnel

There have also been cases of a lack of clarity and consistent communication amongst the medical notes circulated within clubs, and that they differ with the guidelines of the PLDG.

We at CrossBar are fully behind the medical personnel in these situations and we feel that the health of players, the staff and the groundsmen should be put as the first and foremost priority over the league’s monetary gain from Broadcasting Rights.

Safe to say, its turning into a bit of a mess.