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Top 5 Puma Football Boots (2022)

Let’s be honest here, with the whole COVID-19 situation going on we’ve all tried to keep playing football/soccer one way or another. Whether that’s in your own backyard or a kickabout with your brother we’ve all tried to keep ourselves engaged to some extent.

In doing that, 3/4 months can literally be murder on your football boots. Those shoes ain’t gonna last and honestly, neither will those feet (yep, blisters).

So this may be a good time as any to browse around and invest in some really good football boots, and If you’re a fan of PUMA you’ve come to the right place….or….clicked to the right place you get the idea.

So we’ve gone through a lot of shoes ourselves over the past few years, so we compiled a small list of Top 5 Puma Football Shoes for Under $150 that we used, and hopefully, you leave this piece knowing and trusting our expertise (or blisters)

Enough blabbering, let’s get into it!

Puma Future 5.2 Netfit Firm Ground Cleats

If you’re looking for something to give you an aesthetic, Xabi Alonso Esque class on the pitch then the Puma Future 5.2 Nefit are the perfect shoes for you. One of the best things we liked about these shoes is that they’re incredibly lightweight

It makes it really easy to carry em to a game (or at a training session) and they’re really comfortable on the feet as well since they have those modern shoe shocks available which helps keep your feet from looking like cavemen eventually.

Did we mention how soft they are?? Which we expected would stop them from being robust since the prime objective is to, you know, kick a ball…. but that’s surprisingly not true. It’s a really sleek football shoe and at this price worth a look.

We recommend the black color, cause…Alonso…

Puma Future 5.2 Netfit Firm Ground Cleats
Puma Future 5.2 Netfit Firm Ground Cleats

Puma Youth One 20.1 Firm Ground Cleats

For the players who like to live on the wild side, Puma Youth is for you. It combines stunning design and flexibility to provide you with a shoe that’s perfect for wingers who love to dribble.

I was SHOCKED at the grip that these things had, while using them there wasn’t even a single point where I feel on my a**, and thats saying something (I’m clumsy). It’s one of the few shoes that can support you playing on any kind of surface whether that be artificial or grass.

It’s designed with PUMA’s evoKNIT technology which makes the shoe easier to wear, functional, sleek, and breathable. At Least that’s what it says on the box. In my experience though, the shoe definitely is breathable and it surprisingly helped improve my horrendous first touch (the side is SUPER GRIPPY).

Lads on the wing? this is for you

Puma Youth One 20.1 Firm Ground Cleats - Yellow/Black
Puma Youth One 20.1 Firm Ground Cleats – Yellow/Black

Puma Future 5.2 Netfit Hybrid Cleats

The Puma Future 5.2 is a thing of absolute beauty. It looks like one of those blue gummy bears and now I cant unsee It. The shoes are again suited for both artificial and regular football pitches. They’re extremely lightweight which will allow you to make those light bursts of pace in the middle of the park, similar to Hector Bellerin for example.

Uptake: Some football boots tend to either be a bit narrow or a bit too open and the 5.2 may be the answer to that (we’ve used both). It succeeds where its predecessor failed and manages to provide a puma boot that perfectly fits however you want.


Puma Future 5.2 Netfit Hybrid Cleats - Blue/Black
Puma Future 5.2 Netfit Hybrid Cleats

Puma King Top Firm Ground Cleats

Let’s go a little old school, away from the flashy-ness that the modern puma football boots present us with. These are perfect for training and should be at the top of your wish list if you’re practicing at home.

King Top Puma boots are one of the most robust pairs of football boots you will ever have. You can literally throw them on fire and they’ll put out the fire (please don’t do this).

Its made with 100% Upper leather material and provides quality and comfort along with the robustness that comes with the boots. If you’re not into the whole flashy stuff, these are for you.

These were my first pair as a kid, and their popularity is such that puma kept producing these football boots for years to come. Plus, they’re relatively cheap.

Puma King Top Firm Ground Cleats

Pele Brazil Fanatics Authentic Autographed Black & White Vintage Puma Cleats

Okay, we admit it…the last one isn’t something you’d want to wear on a football pitch but rather make a ‘Pele shrine’ within your room. I present to you Vintage Black and White Puma Cleats with PELE’S SIGNATURE ON IT

Yes, you read that right, freaking PELE signed these things. The football boots themselves will include an individually numbered tamper-evident hologram.

The signature is 100% authentic and If you want these beauties then you’d better hurry because there are only 3 pairs left at the time of writing.

Pele Brazil Fanatics Authentic Autographed Black & White Vintage Puma Cleats
Pele Brazil Fanatics Authentic Autographed Black & White Vintage Puma Cleats


So there we have it. Our top 5 Puma Football Boots. We think you’ll love them just as much as we do and we hope that you’re currently training at home and staying safe.

Grab one of these pairs and keep at it, or sleep with the Pele signed football shoes/boots like kids….yea…kids… that’s right.

Not us, no sir…