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Etzaz Hussain- Pakistan’s Pain and Molde FK’s gain

Pakistan has been a Picasso in recent times in wasting their talents and offloading them to other countries. However, there are some exceptions who do not let their country’s poor infrastructure affect their work ethic and mentality and they try to use the situation to their advantage. One of them is Etzaz Hussain. The 27-year-old Pakistani descent is enjoying his breakthrough years in Molde FK and is keen to remind Pakistan Football Federation where exactly they have missed the trick.

Etzaz Hussain in action for Molde FK

The Modle FK midfielder was initially a Pakistani descent before he was offered his first professional contract by none other than Manchester United on his 17th birthday in February 2009.

If you are scouted by the youth under the supervision of Sir Alex Ferguson, you ain’t that bad a player mind you.

etzaz hussain at manchester united
Etzaz Hussain relishing his chance in Manchester United colors

After not getting a chance in the first team, he was transferred to Norway before his career actually began.

Player Profile

The left-footed footballer is a central midfielder who can occupy both the positions of number 8 and number 10, depending upon the formation. The biggest quality that Etzaz possesses is his ability to pass the ball in the advanced areas no matter how much crowd there is the defensive organization of the opponent.

Apart from that he also possesses a brilliant scoring range as his left-foot can produce brilliant thunderbolts on a consistent basis. The Molde FK midfielder has now scored 11 goals in his last 2 seasons at the club. Now, in his prime, we can only expect to see the man carry on and even improve his numbers even further.


It’s fun (to be considered a promising talent), but it would have been a bigger achievement if I wasn’t there because you don’t have many Pakistanis in football yet. I hope there will be more Pakistani players in Europe in a couple of years making a name for themselves.

Etzaz Hussain on

There is no doubt that the spirit and the mentality of the player show that he wants to do well for both club and country. As a result, Pakistan still has a chance to learn from its mistake, bring back its own 27-year-old shining creative midfielder, and invest in him highly.